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M134 Modernization Kit

In addition to new production M134D Gatling guns, Dillon Aero also offers Modernization Kits for early generation General Electric GAU-2B/M134D Miniguns. Around the world, hundreds of GE Miniguns sit unused due to poor reliability and lack of spare parts. Dillon’s Modernization Kits were created with these guns in mind.

PIP kits include

  1. DAFD2000-1 Feeder/Delinker
  2. DAC3000 Clutch Assembly
  3. Bolt Assembly and Removable Track
  4. Gun Control Unit
  5. Spade Grips
  6. Gun Drive Motor
  7. 3000 Rd Gear Head
  8. Top Cover and Safing Sector
  9. Barrel Clamp/Flash Suppressor

By replacing old components with new production, improved Dillon components, last generation GE Miniguns will provide greatly increased reliability and performance.

M134 Modernization Kit
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M134 Modernization Kit
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