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Dummy Ammunition

The 'Safety Choice'

Why Dummy Ammunition?

It is estimated that for every minute spent of live fire with a weapon there is an hour spent in drills. Most drills take place either in-doors or in a similar "non-shooting" environment. Naturally, live ammunition should never be used for functional drills. It is a simple rule. NEVER USE LIVE AMMUNITION FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN ACTUAL SHOOTING. It is far too easy to inadvertently fire live ammunition, with potentially disastrous or deadly consequences. Unfortunately, this lesson has been learned numerous times.
Common Dummy or Drill Ammunition Types
Two Piece Ammunition

The most common type of Inert Loaded Dummy 7.62x51 ammo is the M172. This dummy cartridge is assembled from brass cases with no primer holes, 150gr. bullets, and inert filler (sodium carbonate mono-hydrate) to simulate the weight of a powder charge. This type of dummy closely replicates live ammo however, it has two major drawbacks.
First, when used repeatedly, standard dummy ammo is prone to 'debulleting'. Debulleting occurs when a cartridge is accelerated and then stopped suddenly. The kinetic energy stored up in the projectile tries to 'pull' the bullet out of the case. If the bullet does leave the case it will most likely remain lodged in the barrel where it will remain until the next time the weapon is fired for real. Firing a live round into a barrel with a bullet stuck in it can cause major damage to a barrel and possible injury to the operator.
The second drawback relates to the Inert Filler. Sodium Carbonate Mono-Hydrate has the consistency of course sand, a substance not conducive to the smooth running of a machine gun. If a Dummy cartridge becomes debulleted or even torn open, as normally happens during Jam Clearance Training, then all 50 grains of Filler are dumped into the weapon.
Single Piece Ammunition
Some of our customers have machined solid stainless steel dummy cartridges. These solid "cartridges" are durable and will last a long time. Unfortunately, they may also break the fingers off the stripper and damage the Feeder/Delinker when creating an artificial stoppage during Jam Clearance Training.
Why Dillon Dummy Ammunition?
Dillon's Dummy Ammunition is Two Piece but with an important difference. Our Dummy Ammunition combines a standard brass cartridge case with a specially machined aluminum bullet. The light weight bullet is hard anodized to inhibit wear and is tightly crimped. Also, it has a fraction of the mass of a real bullet and as such is highly resistant to 'Debulleting'. In tests using a Kinetic Bullet Puller a single round of Dillon Dummy Ammunition endured more than 50 high energy cycles without any indication of movement or other indication of debulleting.
Dillon Dummy Ammunition - The Safety Choice

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NSN:  1305-01-560-2815

Dummy Ammunition
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Dummy Ammunition
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